About Us

The Vision

Our vision is to successfully reintegrate those recovering from addiction into a new life of honesty and stability through a new faith in Jesus Christ; thus diverting them from a life of defeat and hopelessness.

The Goal

Our goal is to strengthen the family structure by teaching parenting skills, building positive parent-child relationships (e.g. boundaries,rules,etc) and the 12 step program. Create a positive supportive mentoring 12-Step Program and institute a network of referrals that can assist with present issues and needs. We also create and participate in supportive healing and protection for women at the Jericho house.

The Alpha Recovery 12-Step Program's goal is to teach and utilize effective techniques of problem solving and conflict resolutions; to teach about out-of-control behaviors (i.e. drug addiction, co-dependency, overeating, gambling, alcoholism, sexual addictions, spending, smoking, etc.) and teach methods to overcome these behaviors.

To facilitate guided discussions and deliver constructive criticism that will build and develop both a character of self control and personal accountability plan of action to be considered as an alternative program in alternative sentencing via the courts.

The Plan

The 12-step Ministry reaches out with God's love offering a Christian discipleship approach that targets physical,social and spiritual aspects of any out-of-control habit or addiction.

Our goals and hope as a Faith-based non-profit organization is to aide families, friends and those suffering any addiction. Without passing judgment upon a person's short comings, regardless of their age, race, gender, creed or station in life.

With freedom from addiction, a path of joy and a productive life can be achieved. This freedom is not a cure for the disease of addiction, but a very powerful tool utilized for the rehabilitation of the disease.

Many can achieve sobriety, but we guide them from sobriety into full recovery. It is really up to them if them succeed or fail. We provide the tools and cognitive thinking skills that will help them to become productive members of society.

Sobriety to Recovery - 12 Steps


Creates peace with God

  • Step 1: Submission
  • Step 2: Conversation
  • Step 3: Salvation


Creates peace with yourself

  • Step 4: Self Examination
  • Step 5: Discipline of Confession
  • Step 6: Repentance and Inner Transformation
  • Step 7:Purification of Character


Creates peace with others

  • Step 8: Examination of our relationships
  • Step 9 Amends
  • Step 10: Maintaining Progress in Recovery

Maintaining Sobriety

  • Step 11: Spiritual Discipline
  • Step 12: Ministry of Giving Back

Our Sponsors

The Alpha 12 Step Recovery Program and the Jericho House would not be possible without the support from our community and individuals just like you. We would like to thank the following sponsors for their support of the Alpha 12 Step Ministry


The Alpha 12 Step Ministries supports those looking to recover and reintegrate to the community as productive citizens. The 12-step Ministry reaches out with God's love offering a Christian discipleship approach that targets physical,social and spiritual aspects of any out-of-control habit or addiction. 

The Jericho House

Offering a safe, supportive and caring environment for Women and young mothers, The Jericho house is place for recovery and transition for those in need.

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Support Meetings

The Alpha 12 Step Recovery Program offers regular meetings for those looking for freedom from addictive behaviors. We explore the cognitive thinking, physical, and social skills that lead to recovery.

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Prison Ministry

Alpha 12 Step Ministries reaches out to friends and loved ones in jail or prison in Ohio. We have a passion for sharing God's love and meeting with those behind bars focus on recovery from out of control behaviors that have led them to incarceration.

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Meet Our Team


Margie Maddox

CEO, Chief Executive Officer


John Maddox

Chaplain Facilitator Mentor


Michelle Blazer

Board Member Chaplain Facilitator Mentor


Natasha Hatfield

Chaplain Mentor Board Member


Josh Perry

Chaplain Facilitator Mentor


Steve Wilson

Chaplain mentor facilitator


April Howell

April Howell Chaplain Mentor Facilitator


Jackie Biederman

Chaplain Mentor Facilitator


Michelle McNeal

Chaplain Mentor Facilitator


Mark Clay



Melissa Clay



Rhonda Elliot